‘Tweeting Piano’ is an interactive musical installation.
This is a 90 year-old piano that we found on Freecycle. From the outside, it still looks and plays as a normal acoustic piano. The only difference is: the keyboard has been fitted with sensors, so each key is now a digital input. Using a pentatonic scale, we’ve allocated the letters of the alphabet and some common characters to the keys. Users are invited to ‘type’ a message using the piano’s keyboard, and send it via the piano’s Twitter account @TweetingPiano. The Tweet is sent along with a sound file of how the Tweet ‘sounds’ when it is played.
Twitter API
Arduino Megaboard
Mac Mini
… and of course, a Piano
Rebecca Vafiadis (Strategist)
Krishnan Vijayaraghavan (Technical Lead)
Nadia Ahdout (UI / Strategy Design)
Seulbi Lee (UI / Visual Design)